seek and hide

Exhibition view, Paesaggi Elettronici, MACRO Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma


video installation, 2016
mixed media

In Seek and Hide the voyeur becomes the very object of the voyeuristic act. I film myself during a walk in a birch forest, situated in the Caldara di Manziana, in the province of Rome. The presence of the betula pendula species, typical of the northern territories with cold climate, very common in the area of my origins, is unusual in central Italy where I currently live.
The video is projected onto a wall and filmed again. The projection is put out of focus and the flow of light is altered by a magnifying glass, able to return the correct visibility only to a circular portion of the image. Maneuvering the lens, I pursue my movement trying to keep my image in focus so that it emerges from the blurred forest.