performing insatiability

(film still)

Performing Insatiability
HD single channel video and audio, 2015
4 min

The three images, suspended in a white space and no-time, no-up, no-down, no-here, no-there, enclosed in the triptych reason-sexuality-imagination, finds its substance in the stream of consciousness of the off-screen voice. The monologue that accompanies the image refers to the narrative techniques born in the 20th century inspired by the freudian studies and represents a stream of consciousness, which highlights the conflict between the three visual elements and what they symbolize. The whole becomes a mental projection of the coexistence of the undefined unconscious drives.


Filming & Voice-over
Ola Czuba


TENT Academy Awards 2015 (foto Aad Hoogendoorn) (85)

(Exhibition view TENT Academy Awards, Rotterdam, 2015, fot. Aad Hoogendoorn)