tableau I

(film still)

Tableau I
video, 2017
single-channel HD video, 12 min.

Tableau I is a video performance for six performers, filmed in a clearing. The initial action, carried out by a single female performer, consists in bringing elements of wood into the framing space. The performer wears a work coveralls and uses some construction tools. Besides her, five male performers intervene, who do not contribute to the construction. The performers are naked and progressively enter the frame, occupying various positions of the visual field without hindering or looking after the female performer’s action; they remain passive for the entire time of the performance.
In this work I explore the problem of gender identity, confronting the stereotyped associations of feminine and masculine, in seach of a new balance in so defined composition. Through an inverse setting I oppose the active role (faber) of the female to the passive role (also aesthetic and abstract) of the male. 

Directing: Ola Czuba
Performer: Milica Cirovic, Giuseppe Claudio Insalaco, Andrea Morani, Andrea Pennini, Giovanni Quadraroli, Matteo Quitadamo
Project Supervisor: Antoni Muntadas