(installation view)

2-channel HD video installation, 2016
10 min loop

The video installation Controtransfert exploits the physical characteristics of the multimedia to create – through two digital monitors – two separate places, which give shape to the sharp division between the genres. The performers – a woman and a man – exchange places and question the space they belong to. The two worlds are contaminated, despite their objective distance, through the fluid movement of the body. The vertical monitor – initially the frame of the man – is occupied by the woman, who leaves the horizontal monitor to stand up. The interaction between them, which is a continuous exchange of occupied spaces, becomes symmetrical. The boundary, continually exceeded, dissolves.

Filming: Ola Czuba, Valerio Sammartino
Performer: Milica Cirovic, Giorgio Capogrossi
Costumes: Agata Perrone
Special thanks: Atelier Montez, Rome

(Installation view Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw 2016,
Palazzo Candiotti in Foligno 2017 and
Scuderie Aldobrandini in Frascati 2018